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Infertility Treatment for Infertile Couple

The treatments for infertility should be that of the man and woman

Infertility Treatment for Infertile Couple

The treatment of infertility for infertile couple should be directed at correcting the abnormalities detected during investigations of infertility in couple.

Treatment of infertility in man

This should be directed to detecting defects in the man. These include

Correction of Faulty Sperm Production by:

– Correction of varicocele by Surgery
Application of cold compress to testis or bathing with cold water is sometimes advised to improve spermatogenesis.
– Carrying out operation to bring the testis into the scrotum early in life to correct undescended testis. The longer the testis remains in the abdominal cavity, the worse the condition becomes.
– Treatment with gonadotropins is effective in a small number of those who have a low sperm count.

Correction of Abnormalities in Sperm and semen transportation of the man. These include

– Correction of seminal and ejaculation duct abstraction by prostatic massage if infection is present to dislodge the mucus plug thereby restoring the patency of the ducts.
– Surgical correction by endoscopic catheterisation and dilatation passing a narrow tube into the genitals.
– Faulty delivery of semen: This occurs when the spermatozoa are already stored in the seminal vesicles, but there is a problem of delivery during sexual intercourse. This can be corrected by several surgical procedures.

Treatment of infertility in woman: These in include

Correction of endocrine disturbances i.e. disturbance in the hormones, controlling the menstruation which include

– Those with irregular menstrual cycles
– Those with normal cycles but the second half of the cycle is too short. These can be done by using several drugs, the details of which cannot be discussed now.

Correction of Tubular and Peritubular Disorders: Correction process includes

– Insufflations and Hydrotubation when gas or liquid is passed under pressure into the tubes.
– Removal of Adhesions around the tubes.
– Operation to repair the tubes to restore their patency

– Correction of Uterine and Cervical disorders: Several ways can be carried out to

– Correct abnormalities that the patients are born with
– Remove adhesion in the uterus
– Remove fibroid from the womb
– By using drugs to improve the quality of the cervical mucus
– Gentle dilatation of the cervix to correct pinhole cervical entrance.
– Carrying out repairs of the cervix around fourteen weeks of pregnancy to correct cervical incompetence.

Correction of Ovarian disorders: These include correction of endometriosis when the inner lining of the womb is found in other places by surgery or with drugs or removal of small cysts from the ovary.

Treatment of Infections: Identified infections should be treated using the right antibiotics for infections in the vagina, the uterus, the cervix or tubes to control the infertility

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