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Fertility Test for Male and Female

Tests for Male Fertility

1. Analysis: This involves obtaining the semen immediately after intercourse or Fertility Test for Male and Femalethrough the process of Masturbation. The semen is then subject to test in the laboratory and results obtained. The normal count should be 20 – 200 million.

2. Seminal fluid for microscopy, culture and sensitivity: This male fertility test is to detect if any infections is present in the genital system. The results would tell us about the presence of any infection and suggest the drugs to be used for treatment.

3. Testicular Biopsy: This male fertility test involves taking sample of the tests and examining under the microscope. This is to observe the developmental stages of the spermatozoa and detect any abnormalities.

4. Blood samples should be also be obtained for a full set of thyroid functions and level of hormones or when are suspected, the blood should be taken to a genetic laboratory.

Tests for Female Fertility

As stated earlier, it is better to start with the non-invasive tests before proceeding to tests that wouldFertility Test for Male and Female alter the physiology of the body. This is because the invasive tests could be painful.

1. Detection of ovulation can be done through the Billings Ovulation Method and the filling of the Ondo Chart.

2. The women can also visit the hospital for follicular monitoring to follow the development of the follicles to determine the exact day of ovulation.

3. Other tests for detecting ovulation include:

– Recording the ,
– Examination of the cervical mucus under the microscope,
– Carrying out the tests on the vaginal wall (Vaginal Cytology),
– Carrying out an endometrial biopsy and;
– Carrying out a uterine motility tests by measuring the pressure within uterus, this can only be done in a specialized center.

4. Hysteroscopy: This is a female fertility that involves passing a small camera into the abdomen of the woman through a small incision in the abdomen. The genital organs are then viewed through the camera.

5. Hysterosalpingography: This involves passing a dye into the uterus and tubes through a canula inserted in the cervix. The movement of the dye is then followed by x-rays to decide the scale of the womb and the potency of the tubes.

6. Tubal Inflammations: This fertility test involves passing a gas into the uterus and tubes to decide the potency at correcting the abnormalities detected during investigations.

Fertility Test for Male and Female

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