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How to be Famous

How to be among the Famous People

If you are being ignores or people are treating you with ignominy. Despite striving all your possible effort still criticizing you. If people not respecting your words when you stand to speak. Are your employers keeping you on a particular grade level for so long. It could be that your life is barren or lack results.

As a matter of fact, results is the only thing that can end insults. The reason you have not been heard or noticed is that you have not done anything newsworthy or remarkable.

How to be FamousIf you can try to put some level of uniqueness into whatever you are doing, you will surely get free publicity and cheap advertisement. If you really want the entire world to celebrate and associate with you, then you must command extra-ordinary results and this make those people who have spoken derogatively about you will swallow their words and will always want to listen to you because you have become authority.

In this world, there are no extra-ordinary human being, but there are only ordinary people like you who can do things in an extra-ordinary way. Everyone wants results, and not stories. You need to know that nobody will reckon with ideas until they are able to see proofs or the . People will definitely murmur and argue if all what you are doing is only in the word of mouth and no action is taken to show the results, but once you are able to show a results, all the murmuring and arguments will stop.


You can only have results by putting a shinning effects on what you do by consistently seeking to add How to be Famoussomething new to your product and services.  Usain Bolt has always proven to the entire world that he is the best and the Fastest in the world by being consistent and continue creating world record everything, and being the first man ever to be able to defend the 200m Olympics gold medal.

Do not always follow the regular pattern, Trust and wait on God for unique insights for spectacular results. Try to invest your time and money into relevant Conferences and Seminars where knowledge is shared by professional. Finally my Pastor, Femi Emmanuel (Living Spring International) said ‘Do not stop doing that which brings results’.

How to be Famous

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