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Effective Ways to Manage and Control your Emotion | Emotions

Dealing with Emotions

emotionsEmotion is peculiar to human and it is a strong feeling, which human beings express through actions. It is one of the reasons human beings are able to relate well or unwell with one another.

Every human is created emotional, but managing it is our individual responsibility so that we can enjoy the best of life and relationship with others. The heart is the seat of emotions, for out of it comes the expression of feelings such as love, hate, anger, fears, and people temperament.

Some have the tendencies to keep a lid on their emotions probably because they have built themselves up that way or for several other reasons. You cannot tell when such is happy, sad, sacred, or humiliated because the face carries a blank expression like a clean slate.

Some otherwise wear their emotions on their sleeves. The feelings of this class of people are always boldly written on their faces in their actions and deeds. Most times, feeling can be read in the eyes of such people.

Some have destroyed partners, relationship, friends, and what have you in the name of love, because they are poor emotional managers.

A worse set of case are chronic nations of self emotions. These are involved in themselves and just themselves alone. They have developed an opinion of self from influential people’s opinion. It could be from experiences while growing up such as pain, rash, ill-treatment, abuse, and depression.

These set of people depend heavily on others for acceptance, have high level of shame, fear, anger, and sorrow. They find it difficult to trust people, making them suspicious of almost everything and everyone. They are always afraid of new experiences and change as a result of not wanting to fail.

They are no risk-takers, because they are always expecting disappointment. If they get involved in anything and fail, they exaggerated responses of defeat.

Everything frustrates them because they are touchy, and take things too personal. Life is colored by their whining and if don’t sympathize with their plights, they won’t hang around you for long because you cannot serve as a shoulder for them to lean on.

Positive and happy emotions affect our body in ways that give us health and healing. When we are happy, our heart rate slows, our breath is relaxed and deep and our blood pressure goes down. On the contrary, what we label as negative and painful emotions, affect our body in the exact opposite way. Our blood pressure soars, our breathing becomes rapid and shallow as we gear up for the fight.

Human emotions can be complicated, confusing, and sometimes even downright ugly. Most of us experience emotions at times that we would rather not have- emotions we mightn’t even want to admit to having.

If we allow our emotions too much control over our lives, they can affect our choices, our happiness, and our motivation. Balancing what we are feeling and the conscious choices we make is the key to staying in control of our lives.

The first thing to do in learning how to deal with our human emotions is to learn to identify what we are feeling, and the roots of these emotions. Knowledge is power, and understanding and knowledge go hand in hand.

Jealousy is also a powerful emotion. When we see others getting the things we deeply want, jealousy is a very natural human emotion to feel. Jealousy also comes from fear. Fear that there is not enough to go around, and that someone else is getting ‘your share.’

These are not pleasant emotions to have, but we all have them from time to time. I don’t believe that there are very many people enlightened enough to avoid all negative human emotions.

Even though these emotions are negative in themselves, the outcome doesn’t have to be. If we can identify our emotions, we can deal with them appropriately. We can also gain positive understanding of ourselves, different situations, and the human condition.

Effective Ways to Deal with Our Emotions

emotionsControlling Anger – If an emotion is not dealt with properly, it can become all-consuming. It can cause physical illness or even result in emotional or physical harm of you or another.

Dealing With Grief – the pain of losing something valuable to us or someone very dear to us like a good friendship, a marriage, a loved one, or even loss of good health due to illness or disease. Loss is the main reason for grief. If not dealt with properly, this emotion can turn into despair and deep depression can result.

Perfectionism – this emotional issue can leave you feeling inadequate and unsatisfied with life. Perfectionism is a self-sabotaging emotion. The truth is that no one is perfect, so when we try to be perfect, we are trying to reach an unreachable goal. This emotion usually leads into other emotions such as frustration.

Dealing With Guilt – this non-productive emotion can really cause much distress in those experiencing it. Guilt is an emotion that we adopt due to the things we say to ourselves. Sometimes, we allow the words of others to make us feel this way too. Guilt usually causes people to make decisions they wouldn’t normally make. Guilt is self-defeating and it thrives off not living up to your own or another expectations.

Life can be better, live it to the fullest to enjoy a healthy relationships.

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