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How to Relate with People Effectively

Ways to Communicate and Relates with People

peopleBe wise, if someone is being celebrated now, the person need to be careful. Those who are shouting hosanna today can say crucify him tomorrow. There are three Greek interpretation of love; Philos, Eros and Agape. Philos or philoes is the love that is based on a reason or loving for what one stands to gain from it.

Eros, from where the English Word Erotic was derives, is a sexual love, i.e. the love between two sex mates. Agape love is divine; it is God’s kind of love. When people show unusual concern, find out the reason behind it. In most cases, it is to use you and often, it is because of what they stand to gain by their closeness to you and sometimes it is to take an undue advantages of you.

In view of the above, do not trust too many friends, let your friends be few. When friends are too many, you won’t know when and from where mischief comes. Be nice to as many that come your way, but trust very few tested ones. The fact that someone smiles or laughs at you does not mean he or she truly loves you.

Jesus understood that some people are sycophants. Hence, He never relied too much on men even His disciples.

Learn on time to be self-reliant. Do not depends on people, no matter how close you think they are to you. Decide on time what to do for a living, pursue it vigorously and secure a practical means of livelihood. Everyone has one burden or the other, so do not be deceived to think someone will leave his own problems to help solve yours completely.

Rest absolutely on God, He is the only one that can be totally trusted. He never fails or disappoints but always there for you. God is the only true friend. Get close to Him. The spirit to discern true friend and communicate with him effectively will come on you.

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