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4 Ways to Increase Fertility Naturally

Natural Ways to Increase Fertility

Ladies Must Know This

4 Ways to Increase Fertility NaturallyFertility is the natural capability of giving life. If a woman is fertile, then there is a good chance that she would become pregnant. Pregnancy may not happen right away unless both a man and a woman are fertile.

For increase chances of a woman to become pregnant, there are certain dietary and behavioral changes she must do that may boost her Fertility.

What Fertility Specialist Recommend for Fertility Boost in Women

Regular Exercise

Moderate exercise can be a good natural fertility treatment. Exercising with a balanced and nutritious diet can help maintaining a healthy body weight. Exercise helps to burn off excess body fat allowing hormones level to return to normal.

Stay Away from Coffee and Alcohol

Drinking too much coffee or alcohol can impair a woman’s and cut the ability to conceive and having a healthy pregnancy.

Alcohol is a toxin that can kill the sperm generating cells in the testicle. A takes at least three months to develop and high level of alcohol is likely affect the growth of the sperms.

Regulate your Weight

Too much fat in the body can lead to an over production of certain hormones that disrupt ovulation. Cycles may be less regular and affect ovulation by lowering chances of getting pregnant. Higher body mass indexes always increase the chances of erectile problems and impotence.


Certain tools have been developed for calculating the days when a woman would be more fertile. This can be done by observing for a few months and then arriving at the days when the woman is likely to conceive. Ovulation occurs about 14 days before the menstrual period is due.


It is never too late to adopt a healthy lifestyle to increase fertility for the chances of conception when your are ready to start having baby.

4 Ways to Increase Fertility Naturally

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